PANMAR was established with the main scope to deal with international transportation and freight forwarding, effectively managing all shipments worldwide. Our basic principle and commitment is to provide transportation services which meet our customers’ needs and expectations for quality and safety.

We do not face the safe and qualitative transportation of products as a cost but as an investment.

Handling of dangerous or non-dangerous goods is based on respect for employees, workers and environment and according to strict specifications which we have set as a company and always in compliance with the national and European legislative framework

Targeting the continuous improvement of our corporate operations we have developed and implemented a Safety, Quality and Security and Management System according to ISO 9001: 2015 and SQAS.

In order to be able to continually improve, we are identifying the threats and opportunities associated with the proper and efficient operation of the company. Simultaneously, we set and monitor specific and measurable quality and safety objectives. In this context, we are committed:

  • to comply with quality, safety and environmental standards in transport
  • to ensure that the quality of the goods transported is not degraded or altered
  • To protect people involved and to preserve the integrity of the high value of the dangerous goods against any loss or intentional destruction or theft as well as to provide the necessary information throughout the supply chain to serve this purpose.
  • to comply with legislation and comply with health and safety rules for employees and workers and the environment in any countries where we operate
  • To Keep confidentiality in the handling of information.
  • To select subcontractors and suppliers that will meet the requirements of safety, quality and confidentiality in the execution of the project.
  • to understand the needs and expectations of the expectations and expectations of customers and stakeholders, to respond promptly and effectively to their requirements, to meet our commitments to them and their high level of satisfaction
  • For the continuous improvement of company performance.
  • to ensure the adequacy and systematic training of our employees and encouraging them to participate and contribute to the continuous improvement of the company’s operations
  • to identify, evaluate and control of occupational risks related to health and safety at work
  • for minimizing and eliminating accidents at work
  • for the rational use of natural resources and energy, the minimization of waste generated and its efficient management
  • to implement best practices on the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Corporate Social Responsibility).

PANMAR LTD is committed to provide all necessary resources for the implementation and effective operation of the Unified System.

Management of PANMAR LTD is committed that all its personnel and the co-operating subcontractors assimilate and implement the Safety, Quality and Security Management System processes during their daily work. For this reason, PANMAR LTD provides the necessary equipment and promotes continuous training.

At the same time, in order to ensure the fully implementation of Safety, Quality and Security Management System and the continuous improvement of its effectiveness, we implement a control mechanism, which consists of measuring performance indicators of our processes,  recording and evaluating of the checks carried out, of internal inspections, and of the assessment of human potential in corrective and preventive actions.

Quality, Safety, Security and Environment Policy is a Commitment of the Administration and the responsibility of all staff.