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We are an international freight forwarding company offering you the most efficient way to transport your cargo.
We can move your cargo by land, sea or air. Your loads are same important to us no matter how big or how small they are.

Panmar Ltd is your premier transport provider. We are dedicated in providing high quality and personalized service to our clients.
Our team has many years of both freight forwarding and traffic management experience.

Panmar Ltd competency reaches across Europe and globally.

Why us?

  • Always serving our customers based on long-term vision/relationship

  • Commitment to quality

  • Regular customer surveys

  • Certified ISO 9001 / SQAS / AEO

  • Strong credit-control procedures in place

  • Regular training of all staff

  • Modern computer system and firewall securities

News / Announcements

We promote Quality of Service

and we effectively steward our company to provide excellent service to the customers we serve…

Our Company is insured cover by Gras Savoye Willis S.A. and GSW-NET TRUST S.A.

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