PANMAR was established with the main scope to deal with international transportation and freight forwarding, effectively managing all shipments worldwide. We have established business cooperation with the most efficient and reliable international freight forwarders in almost all ports of the world. We are able to provide trust and professionalism to satisfy all requirements and demands of our customers for all kinds of shipments by sea, air, road, rail, and tank.


Our company’s founder is Mr. Andreas Pericleous, president of PANMAR. He aspired to venture deeply into the forwarding market, offering integrated logistical services. Based on his 25-year-long experience in the moving and transportation business, his philosophy is to serve customers and partners in the best possible way. All through these years, his vision has always been to establish long-term relationships with both customers and collaborators/partners for the benefit of the business.

Team work

We have high-quality professionals on our team. Our highly professional team is our success so far, and it also helps our customers to grow in the European market. We always aim for the highest possible quality of service. We do believe that high-quality standards are the way to success.


Our success relies on our ability to provide a complete range of logistical services in a seamless manner that minimizes stress to our clients. This is made possible by a dependable, competitive and flexible approach to our work that allows us to stand out from our competitors.