As you know, Piraeus Container Terminal SA during the last six years has not changed its pricing policy despite its cost increases.
It continues to invest in new equipment, new technologies and applications for simplified and fast processes to continuously deliver upgraded quality services.

It is now necessary to make the minimum price adjustment, taking into account the needs of our customers and the importance of the stability of our relations, will come into effect from 01 February 2018 and will apply for at least three years, an incidental change in the conditions that will significantly affect the cost elements of SEP SA occurs in the meantime. or the operation data of the port facility of SEP SA.

The company “Piraeus Container Terminal SA”, following consideration of your request regarding the date of application of its updated Price List, has decided to set a new date on which this Pricelist will enter into force.

For this reason, please be advised that the price adjustment will take effect on Thursday, March 15, 2018, instead of the date originally announced, 1 February 2018.


Kindly be informed that Piraeus Port Authority (PPA S.A.) taking into account your remarks upon the effective date for the adjustment of the Container Terminal Tariff (Invoice No. 3 of PPA S.A. – Services offered for Loading / Unloading works and Storage of containers), decided to change the effective date that the adjusted Container Terminal Tariff will apply.

Thus, please be informed that the new effective date for the adjusted Container Terminal Tariff will be Friday, March 16th, 2018.

The adjusted Container Tariff will remain stable for at least 3 years, however PPA S.A. retains the right to further adjust the tariff in the event of unforeseen changes that will affect substantially PPA S.A. In relation to the cost of the invoiced services or the operational cost of the terminal.